Friday, May 22, 2009

How Are We Blessed By the Bible?

Sunday morning our pastor shared a fact that a person forgets 95% of what they hear in 72 hours! He shared this fact during a sermon entitled "How Are We Blessed By The Bible?" Surely this topic is worth revisiting!

The Bible is a book of blessing. It offers hope, comfort and strength.

Here are three ways to be blessed by God's Word:

1. Receive God's Word: If we are to be blessed by the Bible, we must welcome and be receptive to God's Word. We should receive with the right attitude.

Here are some "hearing aids":
a. Be careful - come to hear with an attentive heart, ready to receive.
b. Be calm - be relaxed. Lose any bitterness, wrath or resentment.
c. Be clean - weed the garden of the heart to prepare the soil for the seed of God's Word. Sin prevents a fruitful seed.
d. Be compliant - be ready to obey God's Word and His direction for our lives.

2. Reflect on God's Word: A mirror reflects the outside, God's Word reflects what is inside.

We can reflect on God's Word by:
a. Read it - focus on it, gaze intently into it.
b. Review it - go over and over it. Meditate and reflect on what is read.
c. Remember it - memorizing Scripture will greatly benefit our spiritual life like nothing else.

3. Respond to God's Word: to respond is to do something, to practice, live and respond to God's Word. It will change us and we will be blessed through it.
What are we doing with what we know?
Put into practice His commands. It is not how many times we have gone through the Word of God, it's how many times it has gone through us.
Being doer of the Word brings maturity.

Signs of maturity include:
Controlling the tongue
Caring Heart - thinking of needs of others
Clean mind - spiritual integrity.

May we embrace God's Word and be doers of the Word and not merely hearers. You will be blessed for it.

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