Monday, June 27, 2016

Unchurched Guests

Every church loves visitors!  In our society today, many of our guests do not regularly attend church, many have no experience with church.  These unchurched guests provide a wonderful opportunity for us to show the love of Christ and offer His hope and grace. 

Often times, we are unfamiliar with the characteristics of unchurched guests.  Here is a list that may be helpful to help us understand how they may be feeling and how to connect to them.
1. Unchurched People were often deeply affected as children by the actions of their parents and their view of God.
2. Unchurched People were often judged harshly by those in roles of spiritual authority.
3. Unchurched People often watched Christians treat each other harshly. Why would they want to be part of that?
4. Unchurched People are unclear on what is needed to go to Heaven.
5. Unchurched People have seen poor Christian leadership modeled for them.
6. Unchurched People think Christianity is religion and rules rather than a relationship.
7. Unchurched People raise children in light of how they were raised.
8. Unchurched People are impressed with excellence in worship even if they do not understand it or believe everything being communicated.
9. Unchurched People have no idea how much God truly loves them.
10. Unchurched People believe in God. They just do not know how to gain His favour.
11. Unchurched People have legitimate faith questions.

12. Unchurched People often experience tremendous amounts of guilt.

13. Like everyone, Unchurched People have also faced many challenges as adults.

14. Unchurched People questioned God when tragedy struck.

15. Unchurched People are most likely to come to church because they are invited by a friend.

16. Unchurched People often do not sing.

17. Unchurched People will return the next Sunday if they like the pastor.

18. Unchurched People enjoy messages that “demystify” the Bible.

19. Unchurched People will slowly get involved through small groups and places where they can serve.

20. Unchurched People’s hearts melt when they see their children loving church and singing, even if they do not. So invest heavily in your worship services and children’s programming.

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