Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Complacency- What Can We Learn from a Goose?

There was a group of wild geese from North India flying across the farm lands of Karnataka. But as the geese flew one of the birds saw some other geese in the ground near a pond. So he decided to fly down and thus separated from his group. The other geese on the pond soon accepted the newcomer and he became part of the flock. The problem was that the Karnataka geese was a different breed, they were heavy birds and could not fly.

He stayed for a week, then a month, and then it turned into the entire winter. The man who owned the goose used to feed them so well. The wild goose enjoyed the new lifestyle.

Finally spring was approaching and the wild geese were flying back north again. The wild goose in the pond looked up – he could hear the honks of geese flying by and he was stirred with a strange thrill to join his old colleagues in flight. He tried with all his strength but he could not get off the ground. He had become so soft and heavy that he could not rise to be with his old friends and family. So he dropped back to the pond again and said to himself, “Oh, why the hurry, my life is safe here and the food is good. Maybe the next spring I can go back with them” But every fall and every spring when he heard the wild geese honking overhead, his eyes would gleam for a moment and he would flap his wings. He did this for many years until one day he paid no attention to them. He was happy where he was.

The moral of the story is that if not careful overtime we can forget our high standards and be content with lower things.

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