Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sunday's Story

Do you remember this story from Sunday's sermon?

"One Sunday, as they drove home from church, little Susie turned to her mother and said, “Mommy, there’s something the preacher said this morning that I don’t understand.” “What’s that, honey?” “Well, he said that God is bigger than we are. He said that God’s so big that He could hold the whole world in his hand. Is that true?”

The mother replied, “Yes, honey, that’s true.” “But mommy, he also said that God comes to live inside us when we trust Jesus to be our Lord and Savior. Is that true, too?” The mother assured little Susie that what the pastor had said was true.

With a puzzled look on her face, Susie then asked, “If God is bigger than us, and He lives in us, wouldn’t He show through?”

Susie had it right, didn’t she? If God lives in you … He ought to show through … and the lost and dying world around us out to see Him in us. The only hope for America is Jesus 

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