Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doubt Versus Faith

Doubt sees the obstacles,
Faith sees the way.

Doubt sees the darkest night,
Faith sees the day.

Doubt dreads to take a step,
Faith soars on high.

Doubt questions - "Who believes?"
Faith answers "I".

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1956 Baptist Hymnal

1956 Baptist Hymnal

Our church has several of the 1956 version Baptist Hymnals that have been replaced by a newer version which we sing out of. These are keepsake hymnals and we are offering them to the church family if you would like one to keep in your home.
These hymnals contain hundreds of treasured hymns. You can see a list of songs HERE.
Please take as many as your family will use. After March 22 the hymnals will be boxed up and stored. Please see Sis. Dianne for more information.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Youth Revival

There will be a youth revival this weekend - Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Suwannee Station Baptist Church. Rev. Randy Lamb will be the guest speaker. Our youth will be attending. Any youth grades 6-12 should meet at the church at 6:15 PM Thursday and Friday night and the van will go to Suwannee Station.
Adults, you are encouraged to pray fervently for the revival. Our youth need to have their hearts full with the things of the Lord. Please pray for unsaved youth and for a revival in the hearts of the youth.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bridal Shower

All ladies are invited to a bridal shower held for Michelle O., daughter of Mike and Elizabeth O. The shower will be held Sunday afternoon from 2:00 - 4:00 PM at Gayle M.'s home. Michelle is getting married in March.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gideon Speaker

Sunday we will be hearing from a member of the Gideons. The Gideons have a very important ministry:

More than Missionaries
The Gideons International is an interdenominational association of Christian business and professional men who are members of Protestant/evangelical churches. Our members are dedicated to saving the lost through personal witnessing and the distribution of God's Word in more than 180 countries around the world.
The majority of Gideons live and serve in their local communities, making us very effective and efficient because . . .
They know the local language and customs.
They know where the hotels, schools, prisons, hospitals and other locations where Scriptures need to be distributed are located.
Sometimes, we're able to establish local groups of Gideons in countries where traditional missionaries aren't allowed to go.

You will be blessed by hearing of this ministry and the fruit that is beared by sharing God's Word.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Rock A Thon

The children participated in a Rock A Thon recently to raise money for a local domestic violence. They rocked for about four hours with only a short break!

During the rock a thon, a Valentine dinner was to be served. The tables were decorated beautifully!

Many of our ladies worked very hard with food preparation and serving. Great job ladies!

Some of the Valentine diners:

Here is our sheriff who rocked a few minutes with the children:

These kids are so talented, see how they can eat and rock?

There was a great turnout for the dinner. All of the donations went toward the rock a thon - and the domestic violence shelter. Thank you so much for your support.

If you pledged a donation for the children, and were given a paper with the total amount, you may turn the money in on Sunday. Thank you again for your support!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sermon Recap

Getting Right With Our Prayers

Prayer is considered the most indespensable and vital ingredient to a Chrisitan. Prayer strengthen our spiritual life and it has been said " we are never taller than when we are on our knees".
Some important points recently shared on prayer:
1. Prayer brings us to God: The essence of prayer is to join with God. Prayer is a two way communication. We can ask God what He wants from us and for us. We can then listen and learn.
2. Prayer Changes Us: Everyone thinks of changing humanity, but not many people think of changing themselves. Real prayer is not just soul satisfying, it is soul changing.
3. Prayer Unleashes the Power of God: God's presence and power are released through prayer. Prayer is an untapped power source for Christians - a call that moves heaven to earth.
4. Prayer Prepares Us To Share Our Faith With Boldness: Boldness is an outward sign of God's filling on our inside. When we have been with Jesus, we can't help but share about Him. To be a bold witness for Him, we must be filled up with Him to ooze out to others!
The eternal destiny of unsaved people are in the balance of prayer and the boldness to witness.
What Should We Do?

Offer bold prayer to God.
Commit to spend time in prayer.
Desire God to do something special in our lives and in our church. This begins with prayer.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It is our hope that you will be a part of the church pictorial directory! Portraits will be taken on March 5,6 & 7 at the church. Each family that is photographed will receive a free 8X10 and a church directory. Additional portraits will be taken of each family with the opportunity for you to purchase more, but there is no pressure to do so.
Danell and Joyce will be signing up appointment times in between Sunday School and after church, so please drop by the table and make your appointment Sunday!

Remember, Wednesday night there is something for the entire family:
Youth Bible Study - 6:45 PM
Children's Missions: 7:00 PM - all children are welcome
Business Meeting 7:00 PM - all adults welcome

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sermon Recap

A powerful sermon was given two weeks ago entitled: "When A Person Gets Right With God". It was a time of personal reflection on our spiritual lives and a new awareness of the holiness of God. Here are some highlights:

When a person gets right with God:
They are purified with the fire of God's presence. The fire of God cleanses and purifies us and makes us holy, because He is holy.

Worship is a response to God - a response to who He is, to His glory.
True worship is an encounter with God.

Is our worship an encounter with God, or is it just a habit? Do we long to encounter God in our worship?

The fire of God spreads through us into the lives of others. This leads us to witness for the Lord. Let's not be so full of the things of the world that God cannot consume every part of us.
A passion for God leads to compassion for others.

Create spiritual combustion:
II Chronicles 7:14 tells us how:
Humbles ourselves
Pray, seek the Lord
Turn from wickedness

Ways We Can Get Right With God:

It is a personal responsibility - each one of us is accountable for ourselves.
Humble ourselves before God
Meet God on our knees, He Is, we are not
See God for who He is: majestic, glorious, almighty
Spend time with God - prayer indicates a relationship with God.
Long for God's presence - seek Him
Seek His face, not His hand, seek Him for Himself, not just what He can do for us.
Walk toward God - away from sin.

Revival begins in our own hearts, may we desire the fire of God to purify us and spread through us.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


We shared several prayer requests yesterday and now we have a few updates:

Norine B. was admitted in the hospital and is undergoing a heart catherization today.
Helen San. - suffered a mild stroke and is now at home resting.
Felton and Mary Lou's daughter Susie will be undergoing some tests for some stomach trouble.
Rufus S. was taken back to the hospital last night, no further information is available now, but the family needs your prayers.

Thanks for the love and care for each one.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prayer Needed...

A telephone prayer chain call has gone out today and there are some urgent prayer request to share:

Helen San. - Mrs. Helen is at home, very sick, she is trying to rest today, but needs our prayers.
Norine B. - Is suffering today with chest pains and is being examined.
Caroline's father suffered a fall today and is in the hospital being checked out.
Helen Siv. - There have been a blood clot found in her leg.
Rufus S. - Continues to battle cancer

Please keep these close in your thoughts and prayers.

Valentine Dinner Sign up and Rock A Thon

Saturday the children will be rocking against abuse! From 3:00 - 7:00 PM in the church fellowship hall, the kids will be rocking and they are collecting pledges for each hour they rock. All proceeds go towards our local domestic violence shelter.

During the Rock A Thon, a Valentine dinner will be offered. A bbq dinner is available for donations and is available to eat at the church and enjoy great fellowship or take out for a cozy Valentine dinner at home. To assist with meal preparation, please sign up by tonight (Wednesday).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photo Directory

Just in case you haven't heard....we are doing a new church directory! It has been five years since we had one published and since that time there has been a lot of growth! Growth in church families, growth in families (new babies). Everyone is welcome to get a portrait made. By participating and getting your portrait made for the directory, you get a free 8X10 family portrait and a church directory. Additional pictures will be available for purchase, but there is no pressure to get any extra photos. The portrait dates are March 5,6 & 7. There is a table set up by the water fountain Sunday mornings for you to make an appointment. You may also contact Danell or Joyce for an appointment. We hope you will be a part of the new directory!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Update

Isn't it amazing how fast the weeks fly by? Yesterday was a good day to be in the house of the Lord. There was good attendance, good singing and a soul stirring message on the importance and power of prayer.

There are some prayer needs around our church family to share:

Shirley W.'s grandson Colt is suffering from pneumonia.
Joann B. is having some trouble with her eyes. Please keep her in prayer as she seeks treatment for this condition.
Rufus S. was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery last week, and is now facing further cancer treatment.
Robert S.'s nephew David also is battling cancer, has undergone surgery and is now facing radiation treatments.
Lisa K. suffered a back injury over the weekend and is in much pain.
Caroline M. is traveling to attend to her parents.
Please also remember our recent widows: Joy C. and Betty G. for God's comfort and strength to be with them.

Remember to keep an eye out for those who were not with us yesterday and tell them that they are loved and missed!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sermon Recap

Our church has been blessed and encouraged by the recent sermon series "How To Thrive In Lean Times." Recently we heard some practical applications on steps to take during lean or troublesome times.

1. Make an accurate assesment of the situation: Take an honest look at the facts of the situation and evaluate it.

2. Cast a vision for succes: After an assessment of the situation, here are some next steps to take:
a. Wait: Make no decisions without prayer. Don't jump off into any action.
b. Pray: Do nothing before you pray and ask for God's direction in the situation.
c. Start where you are: Don't wait for better circumstances to occur before action, take steps from where you are.
d. Seize the moment: After prayer and a willingness to move forward, expect an open door and be ready to move through it.

3. Be an encourager: Talk upbeat and positive, encourage others around you. Speak like a winner - you are on God's team.

4. Stay the Course: Keep your focus on God.

5. Work hard: Everything takes effort, work hard and get the job done.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Services For Mr. Joe G.

The arrangements for Joe G. have been set. There will be a graveside service at the city cemetery at 2:00 PM Wednesday. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers.

A Day At the Soccer Field

Well, we caught some more of our folks at the soccer field on Saturday.
It turns out, we have lots of kids out playing soccer. Here are a few of them in action:
Oh, there are a lot of pictures, hope you have a few minutes to look, these kids are active!

Way to go guys and girls!

Sad News...

There is sadness today through our church family as we learned Joe G. passed away last night. Mr. Joe courageously battled illness for many years and his wife Betty was right beside him ministering to his every need through his struggle. We take comfort in the fact that he is no longer suffering, but we know his presence will be missed deeply. Please keep Sis. Betty and the sons James and Darrell in your prayers for God's comfort.
Details about the arrangements will be shared as soon as they become available.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Prayer Request and Announcements

Happy Monday! Praise God for the rain we are receiving! As we begin a new week, there are some prayer requests to keep close to your heart and thoughts:

Rufus S. will undergo extensive surgery for stomach cancer today. Please pray for the surgery and upcoming treatment. Please also remember his family.
Joe G. had a bad week last week. Please keep him and his wife Betty in your prayers. Joe has endured a long journey of illness, may God grant him peace and comfort.
Robert S.'s nephew David had surgery for throat cancer The surgery was successful and your continued prayers are needed as he faces ongoing treatment.
Ida D. has been suffering from weakness. Please pray for strength for her and wisdom for her doctors.
Joe R. will be traveling with students today and desires your prayers for safe travel.

Remember Wednesday is the Family Meal and Prayer beginning at 6:00 PM and will be followed by ministries for children, youth and adults. Bring the family and a covered food dish to share. Remember, it's Italian Night!