Friday, March 27, 2015

Sunday Night is 5th Sunday Night SIng

Sunday at 6:00 PM will be our 5th Sunday Night Sing, followed by observing the Lord's Supper.  Please make plans to be there as we sing praise to our Lord and remember His great sacrifice for us.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Phone Scam

There has been numerous telephone scams around, including the "Microsoft Impersonator" scam. 
Here is a brief description...

The usual setup is for the scammers to call you and identify themselves as technicians from Microsoft (or some Microsoft-related company), then tell you that your Windows-based computer has a virus (or other problem) that is causing it to generate all sorts of error messages on the Internet and many bad  things will happen if you don't correct the issue immediately. And the handy techs who just called you are ready to step in and solve your problem — for a fee, of course.
Several of our church family has received this call.  This is just a warning that this is indeed a scam. 
According to Snopes... "Microsoft does not contact people out of the blue to tell them there's something wrong with their computers. Ergo, unless you've initiated contact with Microsoft about a computer problem you're having, you should dismiss as frauds any phone calls, e-mails, online chat dialogues, and the like from folks who claim they work for Microsoft and have spotted something wrong with your computer. "
Be aware and be cautious! 


Friday, March 20, 2015

Wedding Shower

There will be a wedding shower on March 28 at 2:00 PM for a sweet, young, new couple who have been attending our church.  David and Kelli are getting married in May and as an opportunity to get to know them better and extend the love and blessing from the church we are giving a shower.  This will be a couples shower (both men and women) and will be a great time of fellowship and ministry! Please mark the date and plan to attend.   

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Children's Easter Activity

On Saturday, April 4 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM there will be a Children's Easter Activity at the church.  This will be a great time of Easter celebration with activities including an Easter devotion, games, prizes, an egg hunt all followed by lunch.

Bring the children, invite some friends and let's share the true reason we celebrate Easter!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ladies Bible Study

Last month several of our ladies met for a one day Bible study.  Many have inquired about a longer, more in-depth study.  Beginning April 8 during Family Ministries, we are offering the opportunity for our ladies to come and set aside some time for this 6 week study by Beth Moore.

"Jesus wants to spend secret time with you—an interior relationship that's unique to just you two. Sacred Secrets is a 6-session study from Beth Moore that explores the theology of secrets. Secrets can be good or harmful. Some need forgiveness, and some should be kept between you and God. While Sacred Secrets is lighter than Beth's typical Bible studies, it does not lack richness or quality. Discussion potential abounds without any expectation of revealing personal, private information."

All ladies are welcome and encouraged to come, to share and to grow!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Your pastor is better than your podcast.

Do you listen to podcasts?  These days, you can pop in your ear buds and instantly listen to some of the best preachers out there.  But the massive availability of fantastic preaching presents a problem as well. It can tempt us to be discontent with our own pastors. But...God has placed your pastor in your church to care specifically for you. When your pastor is preparing his sermon, he’s preparing it for you, and God is specifically empowering him to prepare a sermon for you.  How personal and powerful is that??

Your pastor knows you (at least he should). He knows about your struggles with worry. . He knows about your battle with greed. He knows about your ongoing chronic illness. Both God and your pastor are shaping the sermon with you, as well as other members of the church, in mind. For your encouragement. For your conviction. For your refreshment. And God intends to use your pastor’s sermon to help sustain your faith.

Your pastor also is with you week in and week out. He’s the one who will be there when your dad finds out that his body is riddled with cancer. He’s the one who will pray for you when your marriage is held together by only a thread. He’s the one who sits next to you when you find out that your pregnancy is going to end in grief. He’s the one who carries you on his heart week after week.

A podcast preacher can’t do that. He carries his own congregation on his heart. Your pastor is better than your podcast.

Pastoral ministry is serious business. Your pastor is charged with caring for your church. He is charged by God to care for people bought with the blood of Christ. Is there any more serious job description?

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tonight is Family Ministries!!

Don't forget, tonight at 5:30 PM will be our family ministries. This will begin with a meal already cooked and ready (for donations to cover cost of food) at 5:30 PM.  Following the meal will be a time of teaching and godly training for our children, our youth and adults.  Be encouraged to take part in our mid week services. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Annie Armstrong - Month of Prayer

Our church partners with the Southern Baptist Convention each year to support the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  Through the month of March, we will be accepting offerings which will go towards North America missions (formerly home missions.)  Here is a little bit of information about this offering.

Every year we honor the life and work of Annie Walker Armstrong (1850-1938) when we give to the annual Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American missions. As a tireless servant of God and a contagious advocate and supporter of missions efforts throughout the world, Annie rallied churches to give more, pray more and do more for reaching people for Christ. 


  • › Reason we give: To support the efforts of the North American Mission Board’sSend North America strategy, as missionaries and church planters push back lostness in the United States and Canada.
  • › Amount of AAEO used to support missionaries and their work: 100%
  • › Amount of NAMB budget that comes from AAEO: 49%
  • › Amount of NAMB budget from Cooperative Program: 38%
  • › Year offering started: WMU started it in 1895
  • › Amount given in 1895: $5,000 +
  • › Amount given to AAEO in 2013: Year-end figures totaled $57 million
  • › Year offering named for Annie Armstrong: 1934
  • › The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Goal for 2015: $60 million
for more information, please see Annie Armstrong Offering

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Family Ministries NIght

Tomorrow night will begin some changes for our mid week service!  New starting time will be 5:30 for Family Meal and ministries for all ages will begin at 6:15 PM.  Two new children's classes will begin and our youth and adults will continue to meet as  usual.
Please be encouraged to support mid week service and pray for our families as they seek to be rooted and grounded in God's Word and be an active part in His church. 
Please plan to bring a covered food dish tomorrow night at 5:30!


Please be in prayer for the family of Frances Parnell as he passed away last night.  Bro. Frances was a beloved member of the church family at Antioch for many years. Although his failing health kept him from being as active as he once was, his presence and influence will be greatly missed.
The arrangements have been set and are as follows:

Viewing will be on Thursday at 9:00 AM at the church
Funeral will follow at 10:00 AM
Lunch will be served following the funeral
Church family is encouraged to bring food for the lunch as we minister and bless the family and friends. 
Your continued prayers and support for the family are needed.