Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Family Ministries Meal

This week will be our last Family Ministries Meal until September.  We will be taking July and August off from preparing meals, Family Ministries will continue at 6:30 PM, with classes for all ages.
The menu for this week is:  Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, Rolls, Salad and Dessert.  Meal begins at 5:30 PM, ministries follow at 6:30 PM.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Unchurched Guests

Every church loves visitors!  In our society today, many of our guests do not regularly attend church, many have no experience with church.  These unchurched guests provide a wonderful opportunity for us to show the love of Christ and offer His hope and grace. 

Often times, we are unfamiliar with the characteristics of unchurched guests.  Here is a list that may be helpful to help us understand how they may be feeling and how to connect to them.
1. Unchurched People were often deeply affected as children by the actions of their parents and their view of God.
2. Unchurched People were often judged harshly by those in roles of spiritual authority.
3. Unchurched People often watched Christians treat each other harshly. Why would they want to be part of that?
4. Unchurched People are unclear on what is needed to go to Heaven.
5. Unchurched People have seen poor Christian leadership modeled for them.
6. Unchurched People think Christianity is religion and rules rather than a relationship.
7. Unchurched People raise children in light of how they were raised.
8. Unchurched People are impressed with excellence in worship even if they do not understand it or believe everything being communicated.
9. Unchurched People have no idea how much God truly loves them.
10. Unchurched People believe in God. They just do not know how to gain His favour.
11. Unchurched People have legitimate faith questions.

12. Unchurched People often experience tremendous amounts of guilt.

13. Like everyone, Unchurched People have also faced many challenges as adults.

14. Unchurched People questioned God when tragedy struck.

15. Unchurched People are most likely to come to church because they are invited by a friend.

16. Unchurched People often do not sing.

17. Unchurched People will return the next Sunday if they like the pastor.

18. Unchurched People enjoy messages that “demystify” the Bible.

19. Unchurched People will slowly get involved through small groups and places where they can serve.

20. Unchurched People’s hearts melt when they see their children loving church and singing, even if they do not. So invest heavily in your worship services and children’s programming.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Camp Sonrise

Here is a peek at our week at camp!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

An Encouraging Leader

Most of us have learned that experience in life is that you get what you go for. When a leader builds others through encouragement, they create a world of big-spirited, big-hearted people who in turn lift their leader higher and help them soar. It’s true—the best leaders are encouraging leaders. Encouraging leaders see the very best in other people and spur them onward and upward through an unwavering belief in the potential of those around them.

Here are a few qualities of encouraging leaders:

1. You are a DOOR OPENER
An encouraging leader knows when it is time to open new doors for those they lead, rather than keeping the door firmly shut and holding back opportunities.When entering a store if someone holds a door open for you—there’s a kindness involved in that gesture that says, “Here, you go first.” In other words, it’s a display of humility.
God promotes the lives of those who promote the lives of others.

So, let’s be leaders who:

—Open doors of ministry and opportunity for the gifted.

—Open doors of safety and security for the vulnerable.

—Open doors of warmth and value to the family.

—Open doors of welcome, love and acceptance to the stranger.


An encouraging leader recognizes that their God-given platform is an opportunity to promote and enlarge the world of others.Everyone’s platform extends well beyond the particular room they are in.  being a platform builder is about having an attitude and openness to use whatever influence you’ve been given to promote and increase others.

3. You are a KING MAKER

An encouraging leader quickly sees the potential in others and uses their God-given authority to appoint those around them to new levels of authority. We should want to be a king maker when it comes to advancing the lives of people, whilst always keeping it about the King of Kings.


An encouraging leader is exactly that, an encourager. They speak words of life and see possibilities long before they notice the obstacles and hindrances. If you love to encourage, it may upset some whose own confession is laced with negativity, but you lift the spirits of many others and have them believing that anything is possible.

Encouragement: Lifts spirits, eases fear, relieves anxiety, speaks hope, breathes life, soothes pain and brings calm.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Family Ministries Meal

The menu for this week's Family Ministries Meal will be:
Ham, Macaroni & Cheese, Green Beans, Potato Salad, Rolls and Dessert.  Meal begins at 5:30 PM followed by Family Ministries.

**Please note, we will be discontinuing our Wednesday night meals for the months of July and August.  They will resume in September.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Children's Camp This Week

Our children are excited about spending a few days at camp!  They look forward to time with friends, playing, singing, eating and swimming.  They love camp and all of the fun that comes along with it.

Our counselors are also excited...because they know in the midst of all this fun, God's Word is being shared from early morning "rise and shine" devotions through camp cabin devotions.  Bible teaching, songs and sharing go hand in hand with all of the fun.

Will you please be in prayer this week for our camp, for our children to grow in the Lord, to have the desire to be more like Him all the days of their lives?  For those who come and may not know the Lord, that He will draw them and they will hear and accept salvation. May everything that is done at camp, have an impact and point to Jesus.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Sunday is Father's Day!  Make sure and bring dad to a breakfast in his honor Sunday morning at 8:30 AM.  In the morning service we will spend some time showing love and appreciation to our dads!

A Father's Love
A father is respected because
He gives his children leadership...
Appreciated because
He gives his children care...
Valued because
He gives his children time...
Loved because
He gives his children the one thing
They treasure most - himself.

"The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him."

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Help Wanted!!

Our Children's Camp will be next week (June 20-23). On Tuesday night, our church is responsible for the dinner of the camp (150 people). We will be preparing spaghetti, green beans and desserts.  There is a need for people to help brown hamburger meat, prepare desserts and also to come to the camp to help serve.  If you would be interested in helping, please let Bro. Dave know as soon as possible!

*We are also still collecting snacks and drinks for our children's camp cabins.  Small waters or juices and individual packed snacks will work best.  There is a box in the hallway by the water fountain to receive donations. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

VBS This Week!

Our Vacation Bible School is in full swing this week and going great!  Pictures will be coming later!!  Please continue to be in prayer for this ministry to be fruitful, for lives of children and their families to know the Lord.  We can always use extra volunteers, please feel free to show up and be ready to make an impact on these children!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Father's Day Breakfast

Father's Day is June 19 and we will be celebrating with our fathers by preparing a breakfast for them that morning.  All men are welcome to come out and enjoy a time of food and fellowship.  We love and appreciate our dads and are aware of the powerful influence they hold.  

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sermon Notes

Sunday's sermon was a wonderful reminder on how to maintain our joy.  Here are a few notes from the sermon:

1. Live each day by GRACE
Legalism can kill your joy. It can destroy the joy in your life. It can ruin a family, people, and churches. Legalism  is substituting rules and regulations for a relationship with Christ.   It gets the focus off what God has done for you and gets the focus on what you have to do for God. Living by grace is the key to joy. It is important to realize that everything God does in you and through you is by grace, rather than working for it and earning it. Grace is the secret of joy.

2. Keep your priorities in PERSPECTIVE
A lot of people are looking for joy in all the wrong places. Nothing is as valuable as a relationship with Jesus – there is no comparison.  We need to know what is important. Don't lose your joy over things that really don't count. The number one reason people lose their joy is they misplace their priorities. They get too involved in things that really aren't that important. Many people are afraid that they are going to have to give up something in order to become a Christian – and they are right! When you come to Jesus Christ you give up everything you've got. It is a total commitment. But what you find in following Christ is worth much more than you give up. You give up guilt and gain a clear conscious. You give up worry and gain a power for living. You gave up trying to solve all your problems in your own power and gain having the resources of God to help solve your problems. 

3. Grow in your RELATIONSHIP with Christ
Lasting joy comes from knowing Christ more and more. Paul says his number one goal in life is to know Christ better and better. How well do you know Jesus Christ? Do you have an intimate relationship with Christ? Do you talk to Him every day? That is what we do when we pray – we talk to Him. Do you consider that He is with you every day? If you are a Christian – He is. His Holy Spirit is dwelling in you. Where you go – He is there also. Never stop growing and developing your relationship with Christ. The moment you stop growing, you're going to lose your joy. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 13-17 ~ 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Noah experienced the same challenges during the time of the great Flood thousands of years ago. Yet, by God’s grace, he was able to Stand for God, Obey God, Trust God, Thank God, and Fear God . . . no matter what. The biggest watery catastrophe the world has ever known happened during his lifetime. But through it all, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

At this monumental Vacation Bible School program, our kids will dive deep into the account of Noah and the Flood from the book of Genesis! They’ll learn to apply the spiritual lessons from Noah’s life to their own. And, along the way, they’ll uncover earthly lessons from the Flood: how all the animals fit on the Ark, how the Flood covered the whole Earth, and how we can still see the effects of this Flood today. They’ll also learn that the flood legends from around the world are based on the true account in Genesis!

Prepare for a boatload of excitement at Ocean Commotion,  Be encouraged to bring the children, find some friends to bring and let's have a great week of VBS!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Family Ministries Menu

The menu for this week's Family Ministries Meal is:

BBQ Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese, Hash Brown Casserole, Lima Beans, Greek Salad, Bread and Dessert.
Meal begins at 5:30 PM, ministries for the family begin at 6:30 PM.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Youth Campers!

Several of our youth are at camp this week. They left yesterday morning and will return Tuesday evening. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Graduate Recognition Day

Last Sunday we spent some time honoring our high school graduates. Graduates and their families enjoyed a delicious breakfast and devotion.

In the morning service, each graduarte was recognzied with their future plans shared.




We are so proud of each one and as a church family may we be encouraged to keep them in our prayers for the Lord to bless and direct all of their paths. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Woman to Woman Ministering

This is part 2 of why we should invest in the lives of our younger adults.  This is the woman side!

Why Older Women Must Invest In Younger Women In the Church

1. The Bible requires it. Titus 2:3-5 expects that young women will learn from older women who have lived out their faith in the Lord. If our churches ignore this calling, the next generation suffers.

2. Many younger women have had few or no healthy female role models in their life. Mothers have a unique bond with their children, but not every mother is a model of godliness. Some young women are still waiting to become close friends with a godly female.

3. They will be spouses and moms in a culture ever turning from God’s standards. It’s no secret that young women will be called to live their faith in a world increasingly opposed to Christianity. They shouldn’t be expected to walk that path without an older role model.

4. They are future leaders of church ministries. Churches differ in what roles women can play in a congregation, but younger women will lead some types of ministries in the future. What they see modeled now will help them in the days to come.

5. Younger women are longing for mentors in the faith. Many of us tend to think about young men wanting mentors, but men have no monopoly on this need. Younger women are equally seeking older women who will give them time.

6. Even young women face such temptations as pornography. As morals are dropped and sin becomes more acceptable, even young women face issues we once assumed were limited to men. Many women, though, have no place to turn for support and guidance.

7. Woman-to-woman discipling can prepare younger women for the mission field. In some places of the world, only women have access to minister to other women. Being a disciple now will help younger women prepare for this role.

8. Even a few minutes of godly attention can change a younger woman’s life. That is to say, investing in a younger woman does not require a seminary degree or a ministry calling. All it requires is an older woman who walks with God—and a younger woman’s life may then never be the same.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Family Ministries Menu

The menu for Family Ministries this week will be:

Black Beans
Yellow Rice
Pasta Salad

Meal begins at 5:30 PM, Family Ministries begin at 6:30 PM.  Come be a part!