Thursday, June 23, 2016

An Encouraging Leader

Most of us have learned that experience in life is that you get what you go for. When a leader builds others through encouragement, they create a world of big-spirited, big-hearted people who in turn lift their leader higher and help them soar. It’s true—the best leaders are encouraging leaders. Encouraging leaders see the very best in other people and spur them onward and upward through an unwavering belief in the potential of those around them.

Here are a few qualities of encouraging leaders:

1. You are a DOOR OPENER
An encouraging leader knows when it is time to open new doors for those they lead, rather than keeping the door firmly shut and holding back opportunities.When entering a store if someone holds a door open for you—there’s a kindness involved in that gesture that says, “Here, you go first.” In other words, it’s a display of humility.
God promotes the lives of those who promote the lives of others.

So, let’s be leaders who:

—Open doors of ministry and opportunity for the gifted.

—Open doors of safety and security for the vulnerable.

—Open doors of warmth and value to the family.

—Open doors of welcome, love and acceptance to the stranger.


An encouraging leader recognizes that their God-given platform is an opportunity to promote and enlarge the world of others.Everyone’s platform extends well beyond the particular room they are in.  being a platform builder is about having an attitude and openness to use whatever influence you’ve been given to promote and increase others.

3. You are a KING MAKER

An encouraging leader quickly sees the potential in others and uses their God-given authority to appoint those around them to new levels of authority. We should want to be a king maker when it comes to advancing the lives of people, whilst always keeping it about the King of Kings.


An encouraging leader is exactly that, an encourager. They speak words of life and see possibilities long before they notice the obstacles and hindrances. If you love to encourage, it may upset some whose own confession is laced with negativity, but you lift the spirits of many others and have them believing that anything is possible.

Encouragement: Lifts spirits, eases fear, relieves anxiety, speaks hope, breathes life, soothes pain and brings calm.

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