Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Around the Church...

Here are a few happy things to share...around the church...
Lisa and Lowell are expecting a baby BOY! Congratulations to their happy family. Lowell is recovering from a bout of pneumonia, please keep him in your prayers.
Buddy and Liz spent a few days relaxing on a vacation get-a-way! Hope they come back relaxed and refreshed.

Although every birthday is special, last week we had two "special age" birthdays. You know those ages that are milestones in life..Anita B. turned 30! Her husband Scott invited the church to celebrate with them Wednesday night with cake and refreshments. Everyone enjoyed the celebration and wishes Anita a great year!
Matt F. turned 18 last week and entered the world of adults!
Hanna R. will turn 15 this week and will enter the driving world!
The Boomerang Express is pushing full steam ahead this week. If you have not been a part of Vacation Bible School, you are missing a treat. Make plans to come this week. Thank you to all who are helping out and making this year's VBS a success!
Around the church is a way to share with one another happy things going on in the lives of the church family! If you have some news to share, please email Joyce and we will celebrate with you!

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