Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prayer Requests

There are many in our church family who are in need of prayer this morning. Keeping them close in your thoughts and prayers will be a blessing and help to them.

Anita B. had an uncle to suddenly pass away this week. Please pray for the family in their time of loss and travel to the services.

Wendy P. (Willard and Judy H.'s daughter) is in the hospital for illness and they are running tests. She is very ill and needs our prayers.

Mary Kay (Felton and Mary Lou's daughter) underwent surgery this week and is recovering at home.

Bessie P.'s granddaughter in law underwent surgery also this week and is at home recovering.

Robert S. has a nephew who has been battling cancer and has been placed in Hospice care.

Carol A. will undergo some tests today.

Sickness...many families have been affected by sickness.
Liz H. has suffered with the flu for several days.
Lowell and Lisa L.'s family has had sickness and their young daughter is still sick.
Lucas and Theresa H.'s family has been sick.
Mike and Sarah K.'s family have been suffering with illness for several weeks and some of the children are still sick.

Please pray for healing for these families and remember to encourage one another in the Lord.

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