Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dennis Deese Crusade

Evangelist Dennis Deese will be hosting a one night crusade on Friday night at the Suwannee County Coliseum at 7:00 PM.

Brief Information About Evangelist Dennis Deese:
Pastored 24 years (Four Baptist churches in Fl, AL, GA & TN) with his last church nearly 15 years and an average of 40 baptisms per year
Vocational Evangelism since January 2008
Served as Vice President of Tennessee Baptist Pastors Conference 2000
Served as President of Tennessee Baptist Pastors Conference 2001
He's been widely used in helping pastors who have faced forced termination and in the restoration of those who have fallen
Author of the Gospel Tract, "Do You Know The Way to Heaven?"
Speaker at the Tennessee Baptist Pastors Conference in 2001 and 2004
Speaker at Liberty University, Fruitland Bible Institute and many Associational Meetings
Led many Leadership development classes over the past 17 years
Married to Teri for 32 years
They have three adult children and adopted their granddaughter Avery who is seven
His hometown is Live Oak, FL

Click LIVE OAK CRUSADE for information about this special night.

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