Monday, November 8, 2010

Make Me A Blessing

Our church is blessed to have so many who share God's love, grace and kindness to one another.  In our day and time, life demands and drains us at times.  Every now and again, it may benefit us to reflect on ways to be a blessing to one another.  Here is a little checklist to assess your success in being a blessing at church.  May it motivate us to seek out and purposefully be a blessing.

1. Do you take the time to greet other church members warmly?
2.  Do you regularly share a friendly hug or hearty handshake?
3.  Do you pray for members of the congregation?
4.  Do you let the pastor and other leaders know when they have done a good job?
5.  Do you encourage the younger members?
6.  Do you fellowship (socialize) with any members outside of church?
7.  Do you bring others to church?
8.  Do you share what you are learning in Sunday School/church with others?
9.  Does someone in the congregation make you feel important?
10.  Is there someone whom you feel could benefit from you being a blessing to them?

"The blessing of a church is only as strong as each member's commitment. "

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