Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meat For the Week

Last Sunday's sermon was a pretty tough one!  But as we heard God's Word, we were made aware of our need to be dilgent and strong, putting our focus on the Lord and being aware of the spiritual battles we face each day.
The question was asked during Sunday's sermon, "If Satan were to blow you out of the water - ruin your testimony, marriage, etc., how would he do it?" 
As Christians, we are in a battle.  We are also more vulnerable than we think and can be careless when learning from others about keeping our defenses up.
Ephesians 6:10 encourages us in this battle.
1.  Call to arms:  We are commanded to be strong in the Lord.  In this war, we are not the source of our own power.  We are channels of God's power, but not the Source.  Our strength is inadequate, we must trust in God's might.
To gain strength in Him, we should be getting stronger and gain strength.  We do this, not by sitting back and soaking up, but by going to the frontlines of ministry - service.  We were saved to serve!  This gets us out of our comfort zone and puts our strength to the test. 

We are equipped to do 'hard things'.  When we encounter and move to do things beyond our strength, God equips us.  If we only do 'what we can do', we don't gain this strength.
2.  There is a contender to defeat.  We face an enemy who seeks to destroy us in every area.  Be alert!

3.  There is a command to stand.  This is an action word - to put on, dress out - NOW!  There is a sense of urgency, to be filled with God's strength.  This comes by consistent devotion to God. 
In the daily  battle for life, are we being used more by the devil than God?  May our choices reflect allegiance to the Lord and reject a worldly lifestyle.  May we be channels of God's power and purpose, not an obstacle that hinders His plan.

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