Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ladies Bible Study Begins May 18

Do you find yourself struggling between wanting to do the right thing and wanting to do your thing?  Between pleasing God and pleasing yourself?  That's where we find Jacob and Esau, Leah and Rachel...and where we'll find answers to the conflicts in our own hearts as well.  According to Liz Curtis Higgs, "Jacob and Leah and perfect examples of God blessing the undeserving and loving the unlovable.  Their story pour forth a generous dose of grace from a place we don't often expect to find it: among the pages of the Old Testament."  

Join us as Liz Curtis Higgs leads this verse-by-verse study of Genesis 25 and 27-29 where we examine the lives of Jacob and Esau, Leah and Rachel. 

Sign up today for our new women's Bible study...LOVED BY GOD...with LIZ CURTIS HIGGS!  (Include schedule, place, leader, etc.)  You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll find that studying the Bible has never been more refreshing!

Liz is an award-winning speaker, author of 21 books, including the best-selling Bad Girls of the Bible and Thorn in My Heart.  She's also an outstanding Bible teacher and radio personality who has inspired audiences worldwide.  Gifted with deep spiritual insights and a generous helping of humor, Liz provides a refreshing experience in personal Bible study for women.   


Introduction - WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!-God's Plans for Us Are Bigger Than
  We Can Imagine.  Genesis 25:19-28
Week 1 - SIBLING RIVALRY-God Honors His Promises, Even When We Don't.
Genesis 25:29-34; 26:34-35; 27:1-29
Week 2 - RUNNING FROM GOD-God Knows All About Prodigal Children.
Genesis 27:30-28:9
Week 3 - A DREAM COME TRUE-God's Love Knows No Bounds.
Genesis 28:10-22
Week 4 - BLINDED BY LOVE -Man Looks at the Outward Appearance; God Looks at
the Heart.  Genesis 29:1-20
Week 5 - A DECEIVER DECEIVED-God Disciplines the Ones He Loves.
Genesis 29:21-29
Week 6 - A HEART FOR GOD-God's Love Is Powerful Enough to Change Our Hearts
Genesis 29:30-35

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