Monday, December 26, 2016

Advice From Seasoned Leaders

Although we may not feel we are "leaders", as Christians serving in the church we are responsible to hold an example of service.  Here are a few tips from seasoned leaders that can encourage anyone who serves:

Make sure Christ is your greatest passion. No matter how long you have walked with the Lord, there is SO much more to know. Pray the excitement never decreases.

Always point to Christ when you have had a successful ministry experience. Keep in mind, you didn’t do it, He did. You just got to be a part of His work!

Always be willing to give up ministry so others can serve. One of your jobs is to raise up leaders. If you never let go of responsibilities, no one else can join you in that ministry.

Teach about Christ’s ministry on earth. Show how His character was all about meeting needs and serving all His Father brought to Him.

When God calls you to leave a ministry, cheer on your successor. Give her all the information she needs to serve well. Holding back important data is sabotage.

Be patient with younger leaders who have not been raised to commit to something for a long period of time. Show them the benefit of not giving up when it gets hard. Walk with them as they learn the importance of follow through from you.

Look forward with expectancy to the best and future of life and ministry. It may be time to let go of something you have poured your heart into for years, but that doesn’t mean the best is not ahead! God leads us through the various seasons of life and ministry, but each stage is as vital as another as we journey through each in obedience.

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