Wednesday, January 4, 2017

All He Needs Is a Piece of Clay

Our sermon this week was a beautiful reminder of God's new beginnings.  He is the potter and can mold, remold and remake us as we yield to His powerful touch.

Many of us need a new beginning, God is the God of second chances and God is the God of new beginnings.
God is in the transformation business. He sees in our clay the potential to be a vessel of honour. God doesn’t need gold, silver, and a superstar. He simply says give Me your clay.

God says:
“I’ll bring treasures out of trash,
 I’ll bring Jewels out of junk;
I’ll bring glory out of garbage,
I’ll bring riches out of rubbish;
I’ll bring diamonds out of debris;
I’ll bring righteousness out of rift raft;
I’ll bring worship out of waste;
I’ll bring majesty out of mess;
I’ll bring deliverance to the drug addict;
 I’ll bring praise out of a prostitute;
I’ll bring hallelujah out of a homosexual.”

God won’t give up on you. God won’t toss you out on the scrap heap. God won’t dismiss you as a lost cause and discard you as hopeless. God takes the clay we yield to Him and starts all over again rebuilding life after life, time after time. God is willing to start over again shaping you into another vessel as it seems best to Him. The only prerequisite is that you give Him your clay, that you give Him your life.

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