Thursday, January 4, 2018

Becoming a Better Volunteer

Volunteers - those who have a heart for service are a vital and valuable part of the church. Many tasks are done behind the scenes and are done with those who desire to serve and to serve well.  

Here are a few qualities of outstanding volunteers that will benefit the church and any other place you may serve.

1. Great church volunteers practice relational intentionality. 
Relational intentionality is one of the most valuable traits you can have in a ministry volunteer because they will be able to pull people in and get them connected within the church. This essentially means you are purposeful in your friendships. You seek out the kid sitting by themselves. You bend over backwards to make someone feel special and seen. 

2. Nothing fazes them.
Looking for a great volunteer? Find the person who will do the job no one else wants to do. Look for the person who can cheerfully high five a scowling kid who was dragged to youth group. Look for the person who is endlessly patient with endless possibilities for frustration: lost waiver forms, difficult parents, relational drama, and even differing personalities.   
The ability to jump in and learn goes hand-in-hand with this trait. As a ministry leader or director, there are often so many tasks that need to be done in the moment that an ideal volunteer will take initiative and help out.

3. They are in a role that is a unique fit for them.
It is a beautiful connection when volunteers serve in areas where their gifts and strengths are maximized. 

When you can fit volunteers into this setup, they’ll flourish and more importantly – continue as a volunteer. Volunteers are vitally important and they bring a relational vitality to ministry.  

An excellent volunteer is invaluable, no matter the ministry

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