Monday, April 9, 2018

Attend Church...Every Week???

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In times past (the good ole days), weekly church attendance was much more common than in today's world. Many things compete for our time and attention and Sunday morning often becomes the battlefield. Regular church attendance is no longer gauged by how many weeks we attend, but rather how many times a month. 
But there is great value and blessings in faithfulness to church attendance. Here are a few reasons to attend church weekly:

1. So You Can Enjoy Community
There is a reason why Scripture refers to members of churches and “brothers and sisters.” Church is not just a place to go to on Sundays, but rather a gathering of people who have committed to walking their spiritual journeys interdependently rather than independently. 

2. So You Can Use Your Gifts
God has gifted each one of us not only with natural talents, like singing or playing an instrument, but also with spiritual gifts, that when used, build up the church body in unique ways. 

3. So You Can Discover Your Purpose
Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God has a plan for all of us. He knows the hairs on our heads and has ordered every one of our steps. But finding out what that purpose and plan is easier said than done. As members of your church get to know you, they can speak words of encouragement and affirmation into your life. They can help navigate through the muddy waters we call life. Seeking wise counsel is one of the many benefits of being a part of a church, and something that is difficult to find outside family members and close friends. 

4. So You Can Find Connection
We get the chance to meet and connect with people we wouldn’t have met otherwise if it were not for being a regular church attender. Being in relationship with people who are the opposite of us can be frustrating at times but it helps us work on making us better because of those relationships. 

5. So You Can Worship
Worship can happen any time of the day and any day of the week. we can worship in the car, in our room or when we're feeling down. But there is nothing like getting together in a room full of other worshiper and singing our heart out to God with others who share that same desire. Our life is enriched when we worship with others and we can’t do that sitting at home by our self. 

6. So You Can Learn the Word
When we go to church on Sunday, we get the opportunity to hear the Word preached in ways that help us understand it better and in unique ways we may not have seen studying on our own. 

7. So You Can Participate in Missions
When we regularly attend church, we get to share the good news with people to whom the name of Jesus is foreign.

8. So You Can Practice Generosity
When we give money, we often think of how far reaching our money goes. Just imagine getting to heaven and meeting people we never met on earth whose life was touched because we gave to a missions.  Where else can I allow my dollars to create such an impact on others’ lives? 

9. So You Can Forge Lifelong Friendships
Scripture references church members as the body of Christ. Once you make friends at church, you are forever bonded to them through your desire to follow Jesus. Even if you don’t attend that church anymore, there is a special connection you share because of the Savior. Who can’t use another friend or two in their lives?

10. Bonds Formed Around the Table
Church dinners bring a sense of coziness and family like nothing else. Coming to church with a dish you learned from your grandmother and having the opportunity to share it with the people we love not only lets us practice hospitality but also share the intimacy that comes from sitting around a table eating and getting to know those around us. 

Be encouraged to get in the habit of going to church regularly. The positives outweigh the negatives and you never know what opportunity God may present you with because of your attendance.

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