Monday, August 3, 2009

Principles of Temptation

We recently heard a sermon dealing with Temptation. It was a powerful, sobering and encouraging message from God's Word.

Temptation can be defined as an enticement to do wrong with a promise of pleasure or gain. Temptation motivates us to do something bad in order to receive pleasure or indulgence.

Each one of us face temptations. Our enemy knows where we are weak and often uses temptation in that area.

4 Principles of Temptation

1. Temptation is inevitable. The question is "when", not "if". Be prepared.

2. We are not tempted by God.

3. Temptation is an individual matter.

4. Temptation that leads to sin follows the same process: we are enticed, then desire, then give in to sin. If we resist, we will not be snared.
James 1:13-16

4 Practical Ways To Handle Temptation

1. Counteract temptation. Be alert and on guard, don't tolerate or meditate on it.

2. Use the right resistance: Sometimes it is self-control, sometimes the biblical answer is to flee.

3. Remind yourself that the final pain of giving in to temptation will erase the temporary pleasure. Consider the cost of giving in.

4. Control your thought life. Philippians 4:8. Pull every thought to obedience to God. Memorize Scripture. Use God's Word to battle and overcome temptation.

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