Monday, August 10, 2009

Youth Camp This Week

Several of our teens and adults are headed to Youth Camp for a few days. Please pray for their safety through the week and for them to have a great time. Most importantly, please pray for the Lord to do a work in their hearts. Here is a guide for praying for teens. Please use this for week and through the year to support and guide our teens.

Sunday: For a desire to read and understand Scripture. To love it and let is shape their character and behavior.

Monday: For them to desire fellowship and strong links with other Christians, even when they are away from home (college, jobs etc.).

Tuesday: That they see their Christianity as the priority, caring about others enough to find a way to introduce them to Christ.

Wednesday: For a desire to read and glean from sound Christian publishing. May they fill their minds with things that are pure, true, of good report, etc. May they reject anything unholy or evil.

Thursday: For our young people to have a desire and a fire to seek the Lord and His will.
Friday: For a spirit of purpose.

Saturday: For a spirit of holiness in all that they do. For Christ-like behavior. I Peter 1:13-16.

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