Monday, March 21, 2016

Being A Positive and Confident Christian

Beautiful reminder from a recent sermon...

Today's culture needs to see positive and confident Christians. These are characteristics that should flow naturally from us, not needing to be worked up or thought up.
Here are great reasons WHY we can be confident and positive Christians...
1.  Because our God is a Deliverer, we ought always to be looking for what God is doing.
2.  Because death has no victory, Christ arose victoriously over all things, including death.
3.  Because the enemy recognizes who will be victorious already.  The enemy knows his end and in due time will receive it.
4.  Because we can do something the disciples could not...seeing they believed but great blessings were pronounced on those who believed without seeing.
5. Because the battle has been won.
Christ is victorious and will reign forever.

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