Monday, April 18, 2016

Senior Adult Day

We are planning a special day on May 1.  It will be "Senior Adult Day" which is a day set aside to love, show appreciation and honor to out senior adults (ages 55 +).

Our senior adults have laid the foundation and been an example in the church for many years.  They have lived out an example of faithfulness, ministry, love and service. Here are a few reasons to celebrate them...
  • For their many years of service to the Lord through His church
  • For their happy smiles and positive attitudes
  • For their continued support of the Lord's work through His church
  • For their consistent and regular attendance in the activities of churches
  • For their many years of teaching, serving on committees, and leadership in the life of the church
  • For continuing to run the race and not to faint as they serve
Senior Adults, be encouraged to come Sunday May 1 and let us bless you.  There will be some special things in the morning service and we will follow with a lunch provided for you immediately after in the fellowship hall. 

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