Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ways To Honor the Lord

Sunday's sermon inspired us to honor Jesus.  3 ways were shared to encourage us to show Him the honor He is worthy of.

We Are To Honor Jesus:

In Our Home:
How welcome is Jesus in our homes? If He were to come to our home, would we scramble to change anything? As followers of Jesus Christ we should strive to have homes where Jesus is always the unseen guest. We should strive to live the kind of lives in private that could be viewed publicly without any embarrassment or shame. May we strive to live a life where He is welcome and our homes bring honor to Him. Honoring Jesus means taking account that He is always present.

From Our Hearts:
Some biblical examples of honoring Jesus - Martha served, Lazarus basked in His presence, but Mary gave Him her best.  We should honor Jesus with our lives - Do we give God our best?  The better we know Him, the greater we worship Him. When you're in love with Jesus, the aroma of that love, of that reverence, of that fellowship bleeds out all around you. Even as the aroma filled the house where Jesus was, it will fill the place wherever you are.

Honor Jesus when the opportunity is at hand:
We don't have to be in church to honor Jesus. God wants our love and our worship to be spontaneous; He wants us to be passionate about honoring and loving Him; He wants it to become a magnificent obsession. While there are many good things about solemn and formalized worship, that which comes as a natural response to our love for Him is usually most heart-felt. The honor Mary gave to Jesus was authentic and natural. She honored Jesus when the opportunity was at hand.

Are you looking for ways in your everyday experience to bring honor and glory to Christ?
Here are four practical suggestions:

  1. Make Him the unseen guest at all times. Some folks leave an empty chair at the table to remind them of His presence, and sometimes a physical reminder of His spiritual presence can be helpful.
  2. Make a practice of meditating on Him and His Word. Out of sight, out of mind is more than a saying, it is a truth. The more you meditate on Him and His word the more you will be cognizant of His presence with you.
  3. Make a practice of talking to others about Him. One of the ways we honor Jesus is to speak to others about Him. In fact, to bless the Lord means to speak well of Him.
  4. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes to see opportunities where Jesus can be honored in your everyday experience. God is at work around us, enabling us to bring Glory to Him. The more sensitive we are to His working, the more we will be aware of opportunities to honor Him.

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