Friday, September 16, 2016

Walk For Life

Our local Pregnancy Care Center assists women in times of crisis pregnancy, but also provides care and assistance in other ways.
Recently a young lady came to the center to pick up a registration for the Walk 4 Life. She is new to the area and looking to be involved in the community.  During the conversation, she shared that she is pregnant, no crisis, she is married and happily expecting this gift from God. Her situation is she is needing baby supplies as a first time mother and is ready to find a job, but deliberating if she is able to work before the baby is born.  She is aware that once hired, she would quickly be out for maternity leave. 
Our center shared with her the resources they provide. Earn While You Learn is a Bible based parenting training curriculum moms can go through and earn "Mommy Money" that can be spent at the center for baby supplies such as car seats, strollers, baby clothes, diapers etc. 
This expectant mom was very interested in the center's resources and asked "how much does this cost?"  It was a joy to tell her "NOTHING", we want to bless, train and equip her to be the best mother she can be. 
This cannot be done without faithful support from our churches and community.  The Walk 4 Life provides needed funds along with the opportunity to show support for LIFE with other churches and our community.  Be encouraged to support the Walk 4 Life through walking, coming to show support for our walkers or sponsoring someone.  We can all work together for LIFE!

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