Saturday, September 3, 2016

Why Go To Church?

David—the man who wrote these words—was a man of extreme passion. He loved God. He loved God’s Word. He loved praying to God. And he loved praising God. And he had still another profound passion: going to “the house of the Lord.” In fact, he longed to worship God.

Weekly worship and fellowship with other believers can—and should—be the highlight of all your activities throughout any week.

Think about it—when you go to church, you…

… hear God’s Word—taught and explained
… grow—in your knowledge of the key truths of the Christian faith
… join—together with others in corporate prayer
… worship—God through music
… focus—on others as you pray for those in need around the world
… interact—with other believers
… participate—in something that is 100 percent pure and good
… bond—with others who belong to the Lord
… establish—friendships based on a mutual love for the Lord Jesus
… study God’s Word—for better understanding
… receive wisdom—for the decisions you must make and any problems you face
… learn—how to apply the Word of God to the everyday issues of your life

Where else can you receive all of this… and more? And think about this: Being one committed to worship serves as an example to others. When you go to church, your commitment to Christ shows. It’s right out there for your friends and family and everyone to see… and they will be influenced for Christ by it. What a witness!

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