Monday, February 6, 2017

Praying For Children's Ministry Day

Each February, thousands of children across North America participate in ministry projects on the same day: Children's Ministry Day. From feeding hungry people to visiting shut-ins, girls and boys follow God's command to "put your love into action" (1 John 3:18).

Church groups create projects that meet needs in their own communities. WMU created Children's Ministry Day to move children out of their churches and into their communities to do missions. The first Children's Ministry Day was in 2008. Since then, thousands of people have taken part in Children's Ministry Day! 

Praying for Children's Ministry Day
  • Make praying for Children's Ministry Day part of your personal and your church prayer plan.
  • Set aside time daily or weekly during your personal prayer time to pray specifically for the people who are planning Children's Ministry Day. Include the leaders in your church and other individuals or organizations you are working with on your list. Add to the list as the planning progress and more people get involved.
  • Also, pray for the children who will be involved. Begin praying that each child in your church will be able to participate. Pray that children outside of your church will come and participate. And pray for the people you will be ministering to.
Our church project spans generations.  Imagine a room full of preschoolers through women in their 80s. Imagine fun and games mixed with ministry. Imagine a multigenerational morning celebrating Focus on WMU association-wide. 

While it might sound unwieldy to have all age levels together for 1 large event, everyone will enjoy eating a lunch before the children lead in prayer for those on the missionary prayer calendar.
This is the theme of our Children's Ministry Day, bridging generations and opening up this time to community children to share the Gospel with.  Please pray for each person involved to know, grow and share the Good News of the Gospel. 

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