Monday, February 27, 2017

Traits of a Good Worship Leader

A worship leader is a vital part of the worship service. Church is all about God, our response to His goodness, a desire to grow through His Word, receive and exchange His love with fellow Christians and seek those who are lost to come and find salvation.  The person standing up front, leading worship plays an important role in the church service. Tjey influence the atmosphere of the beginning of the service, helps us prepare our hearts to heart the message of the Word, and leads us in songs that express our love and praise to the Lord.  

Our church is blessed to have wonderful leaders who volunteer to lead worship. We are also in the process of seeking a permanent worship leader. Please be encouraged to pray for God to bring the right person to us.

Here is an article about some of the traits of a good worship leader.  In light of our search, it is interesting to read these. 
  1. The worship leader enjoys what he’s doing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched as a worship leader drudged his way through the task. When the leader loves to worship, on the other hand, I love worshiping along with him.
  2. He smiles. This trait goes along with the previous one. When you love honoring God, your face shows it.
  3. He makes the Word of God central in worship. Perhaps he reads the Word, or maybe he quotes it as a transition. The songs themselves also echo the Word of God, and the leader helps me prepare to hear the Word.
  4. He leads well, but without show. I’m not even sure how to describe this trait, but I know it when I don’t see it. Showmanship and God-centered worship are contradictory.
  5. He chooses songs that are singable. I’m not a musician, so I tread softly here—but I think that some songs that work well for a praise team don’t always work well for a congregation.
  6. He teaches me songs I might not know. He’s aware that some in the congregation don’t know every song he chooses, so he helps us hear them and sing them. This one’s especially important to me when I can see the lyrics on a screen but don’t know the melody.
  7. He builds prayer into the worship time. The combination of singing God’s praises and speaking to Him in prayer is a powerful one for me.
  8. He leads with excellence. You can usually tell when the preparation for leading others to worship is lacking.

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