Sunday, July 24, 2016


This post will cover the last 2 portions of the acronym T.U.R.N. from the sermon "It's Your Turn, Dad".

R:  Responsibility:
God has given men the responsibility to be the spiritual, servant leaders in the family. There is no running from that responsibility. If we do fail to do this, it brings about serious harm on the hearts of children.

"Husbands hold the keys to the preservation of the family." One of the signs of 'turning the hearts of the fathers to their children, is when men step forward and fulfill their roles and responsibilities. 

"It is my deeply held opinion that if the fathers...could become loving leaders to their children, we could radically change the social landscape of the next generation.  We would keep millions of children from self-destructing and we would see our neighborhoods filled with children laughing, playing and learning; developing their creative and intellectual potentials and becoming responsible, caring adults."  Gary Chapman

N;  Nurture:
This is sadly missing in our society. There is a gaping hole in the heart of a child that doesn't have a father's tender touch on a regular basis. "Nurture involves the combined elements of tenderness, discipline, consistency and instruction. The balance of those elements in a loving relationship between a father and his children is a beautiful thing." 
In our church, we have this opportunity and priviledge of doing this with kids who do not have this kind of father. When we become nurturers for the next generation, we are teaching them what it means to be men and women.

What a powerful reminder this sermon was for our men.  Here is the checklist to keep us moving in the right direction:

Are you spending TIME with your children?
Do you UNDERSTAND your children and the needs, issues and struggles they face?
Are you accepting the God-given RESPONSIBILITY of a father, being the spiritual nad servant leader in the home?
Are you NURTURING your children?

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