Saturday, July 16, 2016


The recent sermon "It's Your Turn, Dad" focused on fathers turning their hearts toward the children and used the acronym T.U.R.N. 
This post is about the "U"  for UNDERSTANDING
Understanding refers to our awareness of the needs, issues, struggles and desires, particularly in the lives of children. If we're going to make our mark on our generation, then we must begin with our own children.  "An understanding heart seeks to recognize and relate to the needs of the next generation. To gain godly understanding must become a priority in our lives. We must realize that the Scripture must be our standard for success, and we must never measure ourselves against society." 
Listening is part of understanding. If we listen carefully and prayerfully, we can hear the concerns of our children's heart. If we want them to know about Jesus, we must not only share Him with them, but they also must see Jesus in us.
In the book Tender Warrior, a story was shared about a 16 year old young man who wrote an essay titled "What Is A Man?"  The boy's father had abandoned his family and he never experienced the warmth of a truly understanding man in his life. He wrote this:

A real man is kind
A real man is caring.
A real man walks away from silly macho fights.
A real man helps his wife.
A real man doesn't run from his problems.
A real man helps his kids when they are sick.
A real man sticks to his word and keeps his promises.
A real man is honest.
A real man is not in trouble with the law.
We need men of understanding.

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