Thursday, August 10, 2017

Future Now

Future Now is an evangelistic community outreach that is coming to our area on August 30.  Here is a description from the website about the ministry...

FutureNow was founded in the spring of 2001 by Chris and Terri Musgrove. This was the fulfillment of a vision that was dropped into Chris's heart back in 1991 while helping facilitate a week long school assembly program involving five communities in North Central Florida. During these assemblies the students were invited back to a separate rally on Friday night.
That Friday night, to everyone’s amazement, over 2,000 students and their parents showed up to a local coliseum that was centrally located in Live Oak, FL. During the rally the assembly program speaker gave testimony of how God had changed his life by the power of his son Jesus Christ. Again, we were amazed and overwhelmed by the response of students and families who came out for the Friday night rally where 400 people responded to the invitation to receive Jesus Christ.

After that night, Chris took hold of a vision that would come into existence, ten years later, in April of 2001. Chris and Terri have worked with young people over 29 years and have seen how drugs, alcohol, premarital sex, gangs and violence have destroyed the hopes and dreams of young people. After pondering this vision for many years, Chris and Terri developed a program for public schools that uses a full scale, state of the art stage production of live music, drama, video and real life stories.

FutureNow’s daytime assembly helps students see the importance of: having a vision, and applying yourself in the classroom to aid in determining and then developing your gifting. The assembly brings the students face to face with the hard question, where are you going and how are you going to get there? It also allows them to see that drugs, alcohol, premarital sex, failing grades, gangs, violence etc. aren’t the problem, they are just symptoms of the real problem, no vision, no dreams or goals. As Chris says during the assembly, ”If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll take every road.”

After each assembly, the students and their families are invited to come back out to a night event sponsored by the schools campus Christian club where an evangelistic message is presented through music, drama, and real life stories. Since 2001 FutureNow has been to over 190 schools and seen over 190,000 students.

For more information, visit FUTURE NOW...

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