Monday, August 7, 2017

Peek Into the Newest Ladies Bible Study

Ladies, we are getting excited about the upcoming Bible Study beginning September 6.  In the Bible Study, you’ll be able to walk through the seven ways Jesus impacted his disciples that reveal to us how we can make a difference that will have eternal impact.

The seven principles in the study are:
  • The Principle of Time Alone with God
  • The Principle of Walking and Talking
  •  The Principle of Storytelling
  • The Principle of Asking Questions
  • The Principle of Compassion
  • The Principle of Unconditional Love
  • The Principle of Casting Vision

If you go through this study with a heart that listens to God, you may be at risk for becoming a Christ-follower who cannot go through a day without influencing someone else’s life like he did.  This study is not for the chicken-hearted; it’s for the courageous woman who is ready to risk a couple of set-backs, and perhaps a failure or two in order to set her course in the direction of helping others to square with biblical principles.

Whether you are longing for someone older and wiser to mentor you or you want to use your experience and wisdom to influence others, this study is for you. The discussion questions will bring intimacy and spiritual growth to the participants.

The study will begin September 6 and will meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM at the church.  We hope you will be a part!

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