Thursday, August 31, 2017

Laws of Service In God's Kingdom

Jesus characterized Himself as a Servant. The way to greatness in the Kingdom, He said, is through serving.
The Scriptures are saturated with teachings and examples and encouragement regarding servanthood.

Here are a few key laws of service in the Kingdom

Only the strongest can serve.
The weak, the immature and the carnal want only to be served.
Other than the cross of Calvary itself, the best illustration of servanthood is found in John 13:1-4. Our Lord washed the feet of His disciples. But before describing the event, John tells us five important things: 
1) Jesus knew what time it was; His hour had come; 
2) He knew His own and loved them to the very end;
 3) Jesus knew His strength and authority; 
4) Jesus knew He was from God; and 
5) that His destiny was Heaven. 
So, knowing all of this, He is able to stoop and serve.
Why? Because the work is hard and thankless and requires brokenness.

Only by constantly humbling ourselves can we do the work of a servant.
The disciples were offended. Washing the feet of others, we’re told, was not only the work of the lowliest household servant, but preferably someone not Jewish. And here was the Lord Himself doing this humiliating task.

Our natural inclination is to want to be served, not to serve. We like acclaim, to be recognized and appreciated, and swoon at thoughts of receiving the adoration of the masses. But those urges are anathema to the child of God.

We must humble ourselves. Why? Because the work of a servant is often difficult, embarrassing and painful.

“What can I do to help?” is the constant question of the servant. 
Why? Because the servant is focused on blessing others. He lives to make others successful.

We serve in Jesus’ name for Jesus’ sake.

Why? Because we belong to Jesus. He saved us, redeemed us and sent us. Jesus is Lord.

The servant never hesitates to honor others who serve well. 
Why: Because this is what love does.

Serving others often is not in our natural interest or ability.  But, as we follow God's Word and the example of service Jesus laid out before us, Our hearts, attitudes and actions can reflect the Lord and compel us to love and serve others. 

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