Monday, February 19, 2018

Church Love Year Round

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February is known as the month of love. We often fall into the emotions and sensation of love due to the visible reminders all around us. 

Here are a few ideas to help us love as the church and love others as Scripture commands us to.

In a practical way, help someone who is in need.
Some of the least helpful words we say to people are “Call me if you need anything”.
We know that they wont call, but we feel better having offered at least something…..even though that “something” was really nothing.
 If you want to reach out, do so in a practical and concrete way. Name a date and a specific way you’d like to meet that need.

Do a kind deed for a family in the church.
Do you have a family in your church that’s in need? Whatever it is, reach out and go a kind deed to show them that they matter to you!

Invite a family over for dinner
This is such a meaningful way of reaching out to people; especially new people in your church, making them feel welcome.
Be challenged to reach out to a family in church: kids or no kids – and invite them to share a meal with you at your table.

Reach out to someone in your church with whom you don’t usually fellowship
It is natural that we gravitate to those people with whom we have a lot in common, people who have similar or complimentary personalities…and often to the avoidance of those with whom we have nothing in common or who have personalities that rub us wrong.
May we reach out to someone in our church with whom you don’t usually fellowship. Invite them over for dinner. Go out to coffee with them. Spend time getting to know them.
Many times we are quick to make judgments about people, and miss out on a beautiful friendship because we assumed that we wouldn’t get along with that person.

These acts of love are all ways that God’s people can reach out, expecting nothing in return, and show the love of Jesus to their church….and even to the world around them.

We should be known by our love and selfless acts of service, as we reach out to others as service unto the Lord!

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